eKassir Payments Hub – is a software solution for implementing a payment acceptance network via various service channels such as:

The solution supports different payment types and bill pay services:

  • Mobile communication
  • Internet and TV
  • Education, tuition
  • Bank and insurance products
  • Card and account loading
  • Housing and public utilities
  • Taxes and penalties
  • Other services

eKassir Payments Hub is an off-the-shelf solution which includes the gateways to the main service-providers, the largest payment billing aggregators, as well as providing the tools for new gateways. As the result, by implementing eKassir Payments Hub a company gets the opportunity to accept payments and perform transfers to any service supplier via direct contracts or/and agents.

eKassir Payments Hub helps businesses to:

  • Extend current service channels
  • Develop payment acceptance services independently in order to increase revenues from money transfer fees and commissions
  • Centralize management of all suppliers for all channels

eKassir Payments Hub benefits:

  • Ready-made solution
  • Performance and scalability
  • Security
  • Service 24/7
  • Easy set-up and administration
  • Standardized integration with customer’s information systems
  • Flexibility and customizability for certain customer requirements
  • Industry recognized solution with confirmed productivity – 1,5mn. transactions per day


  • Managing fees
    Possibilities to specify parameters for transaction fees based on the service channel, time, location, payment type and other preferences.
  • Working with different types of peripheral equipment
    eKassir Payments Hub allows the system to accept payments with credit cards and cash. The system supports fiscalization, change dispensing, and selling scratch cards.
  • Personalized services
    eKassir Payments Hub supports end-user authorization and provides personalized services such as account statements and personal payment templates.
  • AutoPay services
    With eKassir Payments Hub bank clients can set up recurring, timed, and autopay services, as well as other options. For example, when the minimum account balance is reached.
  • Management agents network
    Adding new agents for expanding the payment network. With eKassir Payments Hub the registered agents get the ability to manage payment acceptance outlets, fees and transactions.
  • Unlimited set of payment services
    Off-the-shelf eKassir Payments Hub includes a set of standard gateways and the tools for developing new ones – an SDK Gateway. This makes creating various payment scenarios with an unlimited number of attributes and input fields possible.
  • Fully functional back office
    • Technical administrator has the ability to remotely manage payment acceptance outlets, assigning user access rights, network monitoring and updating solutions.
    • Business-administrators can flexibly manage transfer fees, services, content, tariff plans in context of payment acceptance outlets, agents, payment methods and produce transaction reports.
    • Service engineers can remotely monitor and control self-service equipment, plan service works and cash collection.

Case studies with eKassir Payments Hub: