eKassir ATM Web Host expands ATM capabilities. The solution organizes payment acceptance, money transactions and personal financial services on ATMs and self-service kiosks. eKassir ATM Web Host allows the banks to offer a user-friendly interface for conducting financial transactions. An ATM with an implemented eKassir solution can completely replace other cash-processing devices.

eKassir ATM Web helps businesses to:

  • Accept payments, including cash transactions and payments for services with self-service machines;
  • Develop a network of light bank branches for retail banking, where clients can perform their cash operations on ATMs and kiosks, without the need to use other cash-register equipment;
  • Providing personalized services. After authorization, a client gets access to his/her products, accounts, payment templates and transaction history;
  • Personal marketing. After authorization, the clients may receive personal offers from the bank or its partners;
  • Reducing the costs of supporting and developing ATM networks. The system manager can add new services and spread the updates over the network without additional hassle.

eKassir ATM Web Host benefits:

  • Centralized management of services and facilities in ATMs;
  • Understandable settings including UI customization, managing interchange rates and fees, using different payment tools
  • Ability to instantly set-up the new bank branches and offices;
  • Ability to quickly put the system into operation or to scale the system;
  • Manage omni- and multichannel customer service.


  1. eKassir ATM Web Host is certified by ATM vendors:

    It is not required to install extra software solutions on ATMs. eKassir ATM API supports integration with ATM control software and hardware solutions produced by NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, GRG, OKI, Nautilus Hyosung. All PIN-based operations are executed within standard NDC/DDC scenarios.

  2. Manage interchange rates and fees

    With eKassir solutions, banks gain flexibility to specify interchange rates and fees for their target services and payment tools in regards to branches and target services: whether it’s the home bank card, the card of other banks or partners, a credit or debit account, or cash.

  3. Control the entire ATM network from a single point

    eKassir ATM Web Host support networks unify hardware of varying characteristics, data input methods, and display resolutions.

  4. Operation in unstable connection channels

    Client service scripts are cached in ATMs. Exchange traffic with ATM Web Host is optimized.

Case studies with eKassir ATM Web Host