Ad platform for self-service kiosks organizes management of ads such as:

  • A banner ad on the main display
  • Video ads on the main and additional displays
  • Ads printed on receipts
  • Mass text messaging for kiosks users

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Cloud AdNet helps businesses with:

  • Use self-service kiosks to promote their own services
  • Increase earning power


  • User-friendly interface for commercial management
  • Possibility of scheduled interface changes without human input
  • Seamless integration with kiosk software
  • 24/7 availability


  • Banners placement
    AdNet allows placing original and animated banners in *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.swf file formats. Ads can be statically positioned (e.g. for a week), as well as dynamically positioned (charged for 1000 ad displays, clicks or conversions).
  • Video demonstration
    Advertising platform enables displaying video commercials in *.wmv и *.swf file formats on both main and additional screens. Corporate advertising on self-service kiosks in places with high customer turnover is a good way for companies to present themselves to mass-market customers and to increase the kiosk profitability for owners.
  • Text or graphic advertisements on receipts
    AdNet enables advertisers to provide text or graphic advertisements on receipts for their core audience. Receipt printers also allow printing coupons and lottery tickets.
  • Mass text messaging ads
    Capabilities to send a message with payment approval as well as acknowledging appreciation for kiosk use.
  • Promotional websites
    AdNet enables placement of micro sites into self-service kiosks. Users can get acquainted with detailed information about goods or services and make modifications.
  • Filling forms
    AdNet platform enables kiosk users to complete forms of varying kinds: orders for goods, requests for services, callbacks. Advertisers receive completed forms as well as information on performance.
    AdNet Platform provides its users with a wide range of statics and reports
    • number of banners/video displays
    • number of clicks
    • number of conversions
    • number of printed receipts
    • number of sent messages